Securely checking if a password is compromised in Python

Checking if “123” is compromised and how many hits it would get.

K-anonymity + Have I Been Pwned

How easy is it to find different values that share the same hash prefix?

import os
import hashlib
n_matches = 0
while True:
sha1 = hashlib.sha1()
digest = sha1.hexdigest()
if digest[:3] == '000':
n_matches += 1
print(digest, n_matches)
if n_matches >= 5:
PWNEDURL = "{}"sha1 = hashlib.sha1()
hex_digest = sha1.hexdigest().upper()
hex_digest_f5 = hex_digest[:5]
hex_digest_remaining = hex_digest[5:]
r = requests.get(PWNEDURL.format(hex_digest_f5))leaked_passwd_freq = defaultdict(int)
for passwd_freq in r.content.splitlines():
pass_parts = passwd_freq.split(b":")
passwd = pass_parts[0].decode()
freq = pass_parts[1]
leaked_passwd_freq[passwd] = int(freq)


$ python3
Enter password:
WARNING: Your password is compromised with 1078184 hits in the compromised passwords database
*Under the hood Have I Been Pwned web portal uses the same k-anonymity protocol and API to check for compromised passwords.




Security, Cryptography, Privacy, AI

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Amirali Sanatinia

Amirali Sanatinia

Security, Cryptography, Privacy, AI

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